Vision & Values

Vision & Values

Kianinny Outdoor Education Centre facilitates growth in individuals and communities by building healthy and dynamic human relationships using a combination of challenge, adventure, fun and reflection. Kianinny is fully committed to the health and sustainability of our planet's human and natural resources. Our Vision is that young Australians will journey and explore the world and in doing so will come to love, value and respect the natural world. This we believe to be an important factor in building a sustainable future for living things on earth. Kianinny values the importance of experiential learning and living sustainably. We provide peak experiences that offer physical, social, emotional and intellectual challenges that contribute to the growth and maturity of individuals and their communities.

Primary Aim

Kianinny Outdoor Educations primary aim is to build healthy and dynamic human relationships. This is achieved using a combination of physical, social, intellectual and emotional challenges, with adventure, fun, and reflection in the outdoors;

Secondary Aims

Increase participant's personal confidence. This is accomplished by their achieving success in activities that involve some physical or emotional risk in a supportive environment. The outcomes we are looking for from clients include: 
  • To build teamwork and community
  • Appropriate risk taking
  • Practice support and encourage peers
  • Confidence in an empowered self
  • To encourage problem solving, effective communication and excitement
Activities present situations where team work, problem solving and communication are required. Instructors use a sequence of activities to build awareness of the specific topics, with an emphasis on educational outcomes. We invite you to have a look at the activities and structured programs that we have at Kianinny that provide all the values and outcomes that your school is looking for. If the structured programs do not suit your specific needs then you can choose from a wide range of activities that are designed and operated to reach the desired outcomes.