Off Site Activities

Off Site Activities

Beach Carnival

This activity takes approximately four hours (Double session) and is conducted at Tathra Beach. There are a number of 'Iron Man' type events with both team and individual awards. Students are instructed on surf safety practices and basic first aid.

Surf Lesson

This activity is conducted outside the surf club at Tathra beach. Learn To Surf Lesson (inc soft malibu boards, wet suit, and instructors ). Price available on request.

River Expedition

This is a marine and environmental field study undertaken during a canoe journey from the mouth of the Bega River up to the quiet waters of Black Fellows Lagoon. It is a journey of discovery and personal challenge. This activity takes half a day and is carried out in groups of 15 students. An additional fee / student applies on this activity to cover the cost of equipment and additional staff. Price available on request.

Expedition Bush Camp & Coast Walk

An overnight camp at Kianinny Resort's camping gound. This option takes half a day and involves a combination of three activities and a 3 kilometre bush walk. After arriving around 1.00pm on the first day the group heads off on a bush walk through the "Tathra Forest Wildlife Reserve" throughout the journey the group undertakes a variety of activities including basic navigation, marine studies and learning about the local culture. The students will head back to Kianinny Resort's camping ground where they will be provided with tents and shown how to set up a camp site. A camp fire meal is prepared by Kianinny staff along with the help of the students in the evening. This Introduction to Expedition will introduce young Australians into an outdoor adventure and a journey. Here they will be shown and taught the basics of expedition while in a safe learning environment within or the nearby surroundings of Kianinny. Along the way they will develop the outdoor and social skills by qualified, experienced and positive outdoor leaders who have expertise in the areas that groups will develop on our programs. Learning outcomes will achieve;
  • Working together as a group. Team work and initiative will be an emphasis on group dynamics which will develop while groups apply themselves to team based activities and initiatives to create a report and individual personalities are realised
  • Learning the procedures of minimal impact. This will include setting up an overnight camp site, cooking, toilet procedures, hygiene, respecting the wildlife, and responsible fire management
  • Learning about local culture and the Australian environment and its inhabitants

Cooking in the outdoors. This will be done by either Trangias (fuel stoves) or on a fire.

Basic navigation skills. An introduction to navigating for future expeditions.

Discovering duty groups. Duty groups are formed by smaller individual groups and will have specific duties and shared responsibilities so the group can, achieve as a group.

Becoming aware of the benefits of reflecting, while debriefing the day's journey. Having fun! The outdoor experience is always meant to fun. "It's the choice you make that will determine the outcome!"