Free activities for guests

Free Activities for Guests

Kianinny also has the following activities that do not require an activities instructor:


Canoeing is a great way to explore water environments. Kianinny features its very own personal Fresh Water Lake, filled with Silver Perch, Tortoises, Water Dragons, Ducks and many other native wildlife. There are eight canoes and families can have a great time together! Please ensure every person wears a life jacket.

Mini Golf

Come and have an awesome time on our “World Championship” mini-golf course here at Kianinny! Aptly named ‘Wombat Holes” it’s a course designed like no other. Featuring underground short cuts for the little ones, that bypasses all the hazards the adults have to get past. Thus providing a challenging game for adults and giving the kids a fighting chance to beat mum and dad!

Beach Volleyball

A full size beach volleyball court is located in the oval, balls available in reception.

Swimming Pool

A solar heated swimming pool is available for guests.

Tennis Court

A full size tennis court, rackets and tennis balls are available to borrow from reception.


The Lake at Kianinny has a variety of fish, turtles and eels. The main fish species is the Silver Perch and these provide excellent fishing entertainment. However, while we do present an achievement award to guests successful in landing a fish, we do have 'catch and release' policy. (Fishing gear is not provided by 'Kianinny').


The basketball court has junior sized hoops going across the court, and full sized hoops at one end. This facilitates competition sports for younger guests.

Pool Table

This is one of the 'games room' activities and can be used for individual entertainment or as part of a team challenge, night activity.

Table Tennis

Table tennis is also located in the games room, available all day long. *Games room not available if booked for private function.

Bush Walking

There are six separate 'Nature Walk' paths within the resort property, including a rain forest walk. These can range from a short 20 minute loop walk, or connect with tracks in the Tathra Nature Reserve for an hour‐and‐a‐half each way walk to the Tathra Beach (maps available).

Bird watching

We have an outstanding diversity of birds in the area, both migrating and local. Reception has a book of local birds which can be purchased, we have also put together a list of birds we usually see around the property. Perfect excuse to go bush walking with the kids! To check out the list click here