Wombat Holes Minigolf

Wombat Holes Minigolf

Come and have an awesome time on our “World Championship” mini‐golf course here at Kianinny! Aptly named ‘Wombat Holes” it’s a course designed like no other. Featuring underground short cuts for the little ones, that bypasses all the hazards the adults have to get past. Thus providing a challenging game for adults and giving the kids a fighting chance to beat mum and dad!

The course itself has an Australiana theme and is longer than most mini‐golf courses. You will be entertained completely during the 18 hole course. In addition to the water, sand and rock hazards, there are a number of feature holes that involve putting over creeks, down mine‐shafts, through rabbit burrows, down the Snowy River and across the Simpson Desert!

Such good value too! Our Guests enjoy a discount and visitors are more than welcome to visit!

Adult: $6
Child under 15: $3
Family: $12 (2 Adults + 2 Children)

Adult: $11.00
Child: $9.00
Family: $29.00