School Activities

“The Sugar Glider” / flying-fox

Two side-by-side wires have students gliding side-by-side over the lake to a landing area.


The archery course is a popular activity for students enabling them to have fun, gain a new skill and develop confidence in a new sport.


Canoeing is a great way to explore water environments. We use various local sites for learning new skills, playing games and exploring the marine environment. Our fresh water lake provides the ideal opportunity for students to learn new skills and safety procedures. There are eight canoes and groups of up to eighteen students can be handled at a time.

Sensory Course

This low level obstacle course is designed to build communication skills, confidence and trust between students. Students undertake this course in groups, one is blindfolded and must complete the course by following a rope through a series of challenging obstacles. Their spotters talk them through the obstacles, providing support and ensuring safety. This course is also situated on-site at Kianinny and does not require transport.

Team Rescue

This is a small group cooperation activity with achievement through teamwork and initiative. This special challenge course is built at a remote location on Kianinny’s 100 acres. In small groups of eight to sixteen students, they work together to simulate rescuing an injured person (on a stretcher) in the wilderness, taking them through a number specially designed obstacles.

Low ropes

This activity brings the best out of a group and individually, the course has a number of elements that challenge and develop a group. Using a technique of progression the students apply themselves through each initiative towards the goal of the “Ultimate Challenge”.

Raft Building

This is a very popular activity that is great for personal initiative, water safety, and working as a team; it’s about having fun and building confidence without realizing it.

Night Walk

A popular night activity is our night walk, when Kianinny’s instructor leads the students (with their torches) along the bush tracks (on site) pointing out the nocturnal wildlife of Kianinny. Students learn about the natural environment, ecosystems and habitats along the way.

Basic Orienteering

This activity introduces students to map reading and locating places on a map. Students are given a list of environmental questions, and find the answers to these on signs which are marked as control points on the maps. There are four sets of questions, with a corresponding map: trees, shrubs, birds and animals.

Basic orienteering is run as a team / partner event that develops map reading skills, and partner communication.

Advanced Orienteering

Score orienteering is designed within the native bushland at Kianinny for the novice and more advanced map reader, each orienteer is given a topographic map with various control points, these control points hold a certain point value and once located, the answer to a question is found. The orienteer must constantly concentrate, make decisions, and write a list of their answers while racing against the clock to finish with the most points.

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School Camp Form

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