School Camp Catering

We understand the importance of providing students with highly nutritious meals. All our meals are homemade and designed specifically to give the students the energy they will need to make the most out of their school camp. Kianinny has a very experienced chef and qualified catering staff working in our two commercial kitchens. As well as providing nutritious, satisfying meals we are able to accommodate for children with dietary needs.

Important Menu Information

Kianinny has developed three menus to assist with catering for food allergies and preferences.

We have a Standard MenuVegetarian Menu and an Allergy Menu.

If a student or adult has a food preference or food allergy that does not fit either of our three menus, they will be required to supply their own food and teachers will be required to prepare this. Our kitchen staff will assist if possible.

Allergy Menu

We have developed an allergy free menu for campers that are allergic to any of the following: nut, gluten, wheat, dairy, soy or egg. This means that any staff or students that have any or a combination of these allergies will receive an ‘allergy free’ menu whilst on camp.

It is helpful if students that have been placed on this list understand that they will receive a different menu whilst on camp and that even though at home they may eat certain foods, that the ‘allergy free’ menu has been developed to ensure the best possible safety for students whilst on camp.

It is also helpful if all adults/teachers on camp understand the procedures followed for students or staff placed on the Allergy Menu.

Kianinny staff have been trained to not make allowances or changes to part of the Allergy Menu to ensure consistency and safe practices are adhered to. If a student or teacher insist on a different food that is not on the allergy menu, this responsibility then lies with the teacher in charge and Kianinny Bush Cottages will not be held responsible for any consequences related to these changes.