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Kianinny brings a new level of professionalism to school camps in the beautiful Sapphire Coast. We have put together programs aimed at different age groups to get the most out of their school camp experience. With over 100 acres of natural bush land, our very own fresh water lagoon and outstanding facilities Kianinny is unrivaled in offering a unique School camp experience for students and teachers.

Kianinny's School Camp Program Manager

We would like to introduce our new Camp Program Manager Natalie Sievwright. Natalie joins us with a wealth of experience in the outdoor education industry both here in Australia and overseas. After growing up on the Far South Coast of NSW Natalie left to follow her passion in outdoor education. This journey led Natalie to North America, South America and New Zealand learning from some of the biggest and best camp operations in the business.

Having started a family of her own over the past 5 years Natalie and her husband have settled back in the Far South Coast where her passion for outdoor education has been rekindled.

Natalie has joined our team as a Camp Program Manager and we look forward to having her experience and knowledge help grow and improve our programs that we offer here at Kianinny.

Natalie can be contacted at or on 02 6494 1990.

Pick Kianinny Bush Cottages for School Camp Accommodation

Kianinny Bush Cottages is in the picturesque Sapphire Coast of New South Wales, and we offer school camp accommodation. We bring a new level of professionalism to school camps with programmes aimed at different age groups designed to get the most out of their school camp experience. With over 40ha of natural bushland, our very own freshwater lagoon and outstanding facilities, we are unrivalled at offering school camp accommodation in NSW.

A school holiday camp can be an unforgettable experience for students where they get out of the classroom and experience all the splendour the natural world has to offer. It can get them out of their comfort zones and away from the trappings of the modern world so they can connect and make memories that will last a lifetime. Here are a few of the essential ways in which our camp can enrich a child’s life:

  • A holiday camp offers children a chance to get away from their routine and shake things up. Being away from home and family for a short time can help their independent spirit shine and get them ready to meet the world on their terms.
  • Children get a chance to socialise at school, but several hours a day together in a school environment cannot compete with sharing accommodation and spending more time together. Our team building activities will bring the students closer together.
  • Not every student has the opportunity to experience camping at a place as beautiful as Kianinny. For some, their school camp might be their only real experience in nature. The skills they will learn and the appreciation of the natural world they will leave with will serve them well for the rest of their life. 

Our goal for school camp accommodations is to create a fun and exciting learning environment where students can learn confidence and self-empowerment while experiencing the splendour of our natural environment. We offer many benefits, making the experience easy for teachers and parents who accompany the students, including the following:

  • With our school group accommodations, we can accommodate 80 students in our group lodges and a further 60 in our 24 cottages located on-site. All they need to bring is a pillow and a sleeping bag. For teachers and parents, we offer free accommodations in their own self-contained, two-bedroom cabin adjacent to the students. Each of these has a full bathroom, kitchen and dining experience. They even have a TV and DVD player (don’t tell the students).
  • Kids need healthy and nutritious meals, especially with the number of activities we have available. All our meals are homemade and designed specifically to give students the energy they need to make the most out of their camp experience. We offer a vegetarian and allergy menu when required.
  • For your convenience, we keep all of our school reference documents in an easy to find location. Included in these documents is our comprehensive activities manual, detailing all the activities students can take part in during their camps. 

The activities we offer our school campers will likely be the highlight of their camping experience, with the close connections they form together a close second. With our freshwater lagoon and large wilderness area, we offer a wide range of activities, tailored to meet the needs of different age and skill groups. Here are a few of the many activities your students can enjoy while on their school camp:

  • Canoeing can be a great way to explore open waters. Our freshwater lagoon provides an ideal opportunity to learn new skills and important safety procedures. We also use a variety of local sites for exploring the marine environments, playing games and learning more advanced skills. For more fun on the water, the students can take part in our raft building challenge and learn teamwork and problem solving without even realising it.
  • Learning about the natural world, including the exciting variety of animals and plants native to the area can be transformative for young minds. Our excellent night walk programme offers a way to explore the often-hidden world of nocturnal wildlife with our experienced instructors. 
  • We offer both basic and advanced orienteering. Learning how to read and locate places on a map can be a valuable skill, and with the ubiquity of smartphones with map apps, an overlooked skill. Our basic orienteering programme is team-based and builds partner communication. Advanced students will have their knowledge tested during our more advanced programme. 

With our camp programme, we offer much more than a school trip accommodation. Your students will gain a new appreciation for nature and the importance of sustainable living while having the time of their life with our fun, educational activities. Our programme can help to encourage growth with physical, social, emotional, and intellectual challenges that stress teamwork, problem-solving and communications. If you are interested in learning more about our school camp accommodation in Canberra or even visiting the site, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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School Camp Form

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