Vision & Values

Kianinny encourages growth in students by building healthy and dynamic relationships using a combination of challenges, adventure, fun and reflection. Kianinny is fully committed to supporting students to build self confidence while respecting the natural environment and each other. We provide experiences that offer physical, social, emotional and intellectual challenges that contribute to the growth and maturity of each individual

Activities present situations where team work, problem solving and communication are required. Instructors use a sequence of activities to build awareness of the specific topics, with an emphasis on educational outcomes. We invite you to contact Kianinny, so we can discuss the onsite and offsite activities available and structure programs that provide all the values and outcomes that your school is looking for.

Activity Aims

  • To build teamwork and community
  • Confidence and self empowerment
  • To encourage problem solving and effective communication
  • Create a fun and exciting learning environment