School Holiday Activities South Coast

Land Based Activities 

Crate Stack Challenge

Challenge yourself as you work with your team to build the tallest crate stack tower in the ultimate high rope activity. Develop balance & coordination whilst fully harnessed and belayed by your peers. Conquering your fears and having great fun in the process, this is a great team building opportunity for your whole group! With your whole group involved, either climbing, belaying or supporting the climber.


Students can channel their inner robin hood and have some fun shooting at targets & other fun objects. The group will learn the basics of archery and master their skills as they learn how to use the recurve bow which develops a high level of accuracy and ease of use. The group will enjoy some healthy competition with individual and team games! Can you hit the bullseye?

Zip Line “Flying Fox”

Enjoy flying through the trees or hang upside down on our 110m double zip line. A thrill that sees you doing trust falls off the platform and having fun with your peers as you glide across the lagoon.

Team Building - Initiatives

Through a progression of small team challenges students learn different communication skills, how to respect and trust their peers all while working alongside each other. Games vary from fun icebreakers to decision making and problem solving activities. In an environment of support and care, students will be encouraged to step outside their comfort zones and challenge themselves. A great leadership based activity.

Low Ropes Course

A low ropes course is a series of individual and group physical challenges that require a combination of teamwork, skills, and commitment. A series of real and imaginary obstacles, groups will learn the basics of spotting and guiding their peers whilst elevated on cables, swinging on ropes and working their way through our journey course, nitro swing, spider web and other elements.

Bush Skills

Come along on an adventure in the bush. The group will put together a ‘survival bag’ and learn some useful tools for surviving out in nature. The students will be able to identify some bush tucker, explore the trails and enjoy some bush cooking at the end of the class.

Rogaining Course

By learning basic map skills, teams will navigate their way around the 100 acre property in search for markers with different point values. In small teams they must visit as many checkpoints as they can in a set time period. A great team building experience and lots of fun as they explore and face obstacles along the way.

Sensory Course

This course is designed for students to use a variety of their senses other than sight. As groups of 3 work together they'll be guided through our obstacle course blindfolded. Trios will support each other as they walk across cables, over cargo nets, across tyre swings, a mini zip line & a trust walk through the trees.

Amazing Race

A large group activity that sees small teams complete a variety of fun challenges at stations across various locations. This is about fun and working together whilst gathering points and competing against your peers. Many skills will come into play as your team works together to complete each challenge.

Team Rescue Course

An ‘imaginary’ emergency situation unfolds and small teams will need to work together to get their Injured dummy to safety. The group will travel through obstacles and treacherous terrain! Leadership will play a big part in this activity & opportunities to step up will be necessary. Are your students confident and capable to take on this fun challenge?

Water Based Activities 


On our freshwater dam, groups of 2 or 3 can explore the hidden channels amongst the reeds & enjoy playing canoe games with their peers. Students will learn basic paddling strokes and how to manoeuvre their canoe, all while working together in their boats. Canoeing is great fun and a great skill to learn! We will enjoy races and the students can help us round up all our stray yellow ducks on the dam.

Raft Building 

This team building challenge sees groups verse each other on a raft across the dam. Each group will be given materials and a timeframe to construct the best raft that they can, and then see who can cross the lagoon and keep their raft in 1 piece. Groups will learn basic knot tying, and get creative with their designs. This activity allows for leadership opportunities and is a lot of fun.

Monster Sup

Our 2 x 18 foot monster stand up paddle boards are the ultimate team work activity as well as the most fun you can have on the water! You think paddling a sup on your own is fun, imagine doing it with a group. As the group paddles around the lagoon and has races against one another, they will enjoy being aboard their very own vessel that can hold up to 10 people.

At Night 

Guided Night Walk

Enjoy the beauty of our property and our subtropical rainforest at night. Let us take you through the forest and see things in a totally new light. Listen to the sounds of nature, let yourself get lost in the stars above and look for sugar gliders.

Trivia Challenge

Groups work together in small teams to compete in a fun evening with trivia, challenges, riddles and music rounds.

Large Group Games

A variety of high energy large group games for the whole group to enjoy.


Enjoy sitting around the campfire as a group, toasting marshmallows and telling campfire stories. Alternatively this can be a teacher led activity.

Additional Offsite Activities - Facilitated by offsite providers:

Surf Lessons

Professionally instructed surf lesson at Tathra Beach. The students will have time on the beach to learn the basics, before heading out into the surf alongside their peers to catch some waves! 

River Kayaking Session

Professionally guided lesson on double kayaks on the Bega River. In pairs, the students will learn basic paddling techniques before exploring the bega river & playing games. 

Stand Up Paddle Board Lesson 

Professionally guided lesson on single SUP's on the Bega River. Students will be shown the proper way to get on / get off a SUP board, along with paddling techniques & manoeuvring of the board. The group will explore the river & play games. 

Beach Carnival

Facilitated Beach games & swimming on Tathra Beach. The group will have the opportunity to play small / large group games, compete in challenges & enjoy swimming in the ocean with their peers. 

These offsite activities can be added to your program and will be quoted on top of your package. Please let us know if you would like to add any of the above to your program.